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States History

New Hampshire history – The origin of New Hampshire

European settlers who moved into New England did so from as far back as 1607. This state got its name New Hampshire from the English county of Hampshire. This was mainly because some of the first European settlers in this area had come from England. These were mainly anglers who had come from England under one David Thompson. Upon their fits landing, they put up houses and other buildings, which they used in housing fish processing equipment. These English pilgrims first moved into Plymouth where they also named the place Panaway plantation. It is also at Panaway plantation that the first New Hampshire man John Thompson was to be born.

The main reason why these early pilgrims moved into this area was to get new colonies for the British kingdom. In this venture, New Hampshire was one of the original; 13 colonies. This factor justifies why New Hampshire was also among the first colonies to revolt against the British rule. During the American Revolution between 1775 and 1815, New Hampshire was the first colony to declare its independence in 1776. This saw New Hampshire emerge as one of the leading forces in the American Revolution donating three regiments for the continental army in its revolution against the British merchant shipping.

The settlers of New Hampshire also ratified the first state constitution in the yet to be independent states of America. This took place on January 5 1776 just six months prior to the declaration of independence. After Independence, The settlers of New Hampshire concentrated on building a state that could fairly compete with the rest of the states. With the state capital at concord, the founders spent their efforts on building a strong textile industry, which would make the back born of New Hampshire’s economy.

After becoming independent, New Hampshire went ahead to pioneer the industrial revolution in America. This saw the introduction of new companies dealing in agricultural products such as tobacco and cotton related products. These industries were able to grow due to the market that already existed in Britain and in the wider British colonies across the globe. The labor force required for farm work was also available from the original natives.

The American Revolution and the industrial revolution that followed thereafter have shaped the history of New Hampshire in a great way. It is therefore impossible to divorce these events from the history of New Hampshire. Apart from the new settlers who had moved in from England, there were original inhabitants of these lands. They included natives like the Algonquian speaking people who included tribes like the Abenaki, the Penobscots, the Pequot, the Wampanoag and many others who had inhabited these areas since the 15th and 16th century.

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