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Reputable Moving Companies

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Reputable Moving Companies

Reputable moving companies exist and give a pleasurable moving experience. However, we cannot overlook the existence of fake companies who simply thrive by broking the business or doing it in a less desirable manner. It is for these reasons that we must have a basis upon which to distinguish a reputable company from the rest. Several people have lost items completely or ended up with broken items during moving operations leading to the big question; how do you tell a reputable moving company from the rest of the pack.

Since it is not easy to tell the status of any company basing on their online presence, it is wise to consider this simple facts when shopping for a reputable moving partner. This should help you in eliminating brokers from real movers:

1. Try to avoid basing your search online; this is because almost all people who have lost their stuff in the moving process confirm to having met the guilty movers online.

2. The next point should be to get a phone directory and look for contacts of such companies that have their physical address nearest to you. This however does not mean you call them and give them the job over the phone. Once you call a few of them to explain your needs, try to invite your self to their offices just to see if they are hospitable or not. A genuine moving company will invite you to their office as soon as you show that you are interested in doing business with them.

3. Try and find a moving company with long track record like 10 years and try to invite them for an in-home estimate, if they decline please move on and get another company.

4. If you pick a home mover who meets the above conditions and even comes for an in-home estimate, find out if they will do the moving or they intend to delegate the job. If they want to delegate, please avoid them as well since they are likely to be brokers who may complicate the entire process.

5. Keep the paper work for each moving company’s quote and do not fail to ask about glaring price variations since the difference may mean that one company offers something that another may have ignored. Another important rule to observe is to ensure you do not sign any blank papers regardless of how affordable it is. This is because you never know what some one can be fill in the blank spaces and its implication on your cargo. A broker may easily fill out the blanks in his favor leading to your losing all your belongings.

Lastly when dealing with a reputable company, you will pick all the companies you have talked to and get back to the computer where you can now negotiate for a deal in your favor from their company websites. Incase of any doubts on these moving companies, it is always possible to get their registration status from the secretary of state and ask for the moving company’s articles of incorporation. In some cases theses information may be available online in the state s company registry’s websites.

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