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Moving List

Moving List- How to make a moving list

The moving list is very crucial since it determines the amount of cargo that the moving company is to handle. This determines the cost of moving, it is also used by the moving company to pay the insurance premiums for the goods on transit. This is understandable since all insurance premium payments are usually a percentage of the overall value of the item that is insured.

The moving list is also useful as an inventory for both the moving company and the client to verify each item’s safe arrival at the moving destination. It is from this list that one is able to authenticate the safe transit of one’s stuff on arrival. Perhaps you may wonder what could be contained in this moving list; the moving list should have a list of movable good in categories as follows:

1. Perishable items

2. Fragile or brittle items

3. Basic hardware

Under the above three groups, the list should go further by highlighting the quantity and volume of each item, their weights and their expiry dates where applicable. Apart from these, the moving list should clearly state the date of inventory, the destination from and the destination to which the cargo is moving, as well as its expected time and date of departure and arrival.

This list is so vital especially in the case of overseas moving. This is because such moving may involve more than one individual i.e. truck companies, freight forwarders, shipping companies among others. All these companies will only need this list to ensure every thing is in order until the cargo reaches its desired destination. The same document is necessary in determining any customs duty charges if applicable.

Off all the lists necessary when moving either locally or overseas, this is the most important and is usually prepared under the combined effort of the cargo owner, the moving company, the shipping company and all other transporting agencies that may be involved in the process. Other players like the insurance firm and relevant bureaucratic authorities may need to verify the authenticity of the list against the cargo in question. Looking at all these factors, it is important to note that the person in charge of preparing this list should never take any thing lightly.

It is for the reasons evident above that the preparation of this list takes a long time to prepare. This is because it needs sobriety and a good deliberation between the moving company and the client. It is vital for the client to make very sensible research based decisions on what to include in the list and what to leave behind. It is note worthy that some items may be legal in some states and illegal elsewhere; all these factors should be carefully considered.

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